- ATAMI COVID-19 Containment and Mitigation Response -

September 16, 2020

ATAMI has resumed limited new user intake

Requests for new user access will be considered on a case-by-case basis for:

  • New tenant employees
  • New OSU students advised by ATAMI faculty
  • New external day users

Broader resumption of new user intake will depend on the course of the pandemic and guidance from OSU, CDC and national/state/local government. Check here for updates, and feel free to email atami@oregonstate.edu with any questions you may have.

Step I. Project and User Sponsors - Start here

Faculty advisors and company principals/points of contact, you kick off the new project/user process by completing ATAMI's online incoming project and user form. This form lets us know about new work you will undertake at ATAMI and/or about new users who will be joining an existing activity. After submitting the form, please direct your new student or employee to Step II on this page to complete ATAMI's facility orientation process.

During this phase of re-opening, new user requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. After you submit the new user form, ATAMI may contact you for more information.

Step II. New Users - Start here
*After your advisor or employer has submitted the Step I sponsor form.

Developed in conjunction with OSU’s Department of Environmental Health and Safety, ATAMI’s two-part orientation—safety trainings and quizzes and physical building safety tour—aims to reduce the risk of injury or illness to self and others by promoting awareness of potential hazards and how to mitigate them. After completing the orientation, you will receive a personal badge for access to the facility. The same badge serves to allow access to card-reader-equipped tools (after training by ATAMI staff) and, for tooling that is not yet outfitted to scan badges, to manually record tool usage in ATAMI's Resource Tracking System (RTS). 

Part A. Safety Trainings and Quizzes

Click on the relevant link below depending on whether you are affiliated with OSU or not.

  • Review the chemical and safety training presentations and take the associated quizzes.
  • After successful completion, forward quiz acknowledgment emails to atami@oregonstate.edu.

Part B. Physical Building Safety Tour (approx. 40 minutes duration)

During this phase of re-opening, ATAMI Operations staff will contact you to schedule a building tour after you've completed Step II, Part A. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in ATAMI at all times. During the tour, you and the guide will also don face shields, as maintaining 6' social distancing can be impractical.

See below for Help Links and .pdfs of ATAMI's New User Orientation Guide and Evacuation Routes.

Access Badge

You will receive a personal access badge after completing the orientation. For OSU users, your badge activation period will align with your project start and end dates. Being a badged user comes with the following responsibilities:

  1. Do not allow others to use your ATAMI access badge. Your badge is issued personally to you and to you only. 
  2. If your badge is lost, notify ATAMI immediately by email to atami@oregonstate.edu or by phoning 541-713-1348. We will be happy to prepare a replacement. 
Authorization to Use Shared Facility Tools

During this phase of re-opening, new user tool training requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Before any tool use takes place, users must be trained and certified by ATAMI staff on proper usage for the safety of both people and equipment. As already noted, many tools are accessed by badge-scanning; users must manually record usage in the RTS for tools that are not outfitted with badge readers. To enable manual recording, please click on the "Create an RTS Password" link below.

Help Links

* To access these resources, your computer must be connected to the internet via an OSU network.