To get access to ATAMI, please do the following:
  1. Request your faculty advisor or supervisor to submit the NEW USER FORM.  Faculty can submit the forms for themselves.   

  2. Complete all of the required safety training listed below. 

  3. Send a picture (full face view) for your badge to [email protected].

  4. After training is complete, coordinate with [email protected] to schedule a building and safety tour, and collect your badge.

  5. If you are not an OSU student or employee or an employee of a current ATAMI tenant company, complete the OSU Acknowledgement of Risk Liability Waiver and bring a signed copy to your building and safety tour.

Required Safety Courses and Quizzes for ATAMI New Users:
Access Badge Responsibilities:

Badges expire 15 days after expiration of your safety training certification.  Training certification lasts 3 years.  After 3 years, you will receive a recertification notice. You will be required to complete all safety courses again.

Badge access protects intellectual property and ensures that all unescorted users have appropriate safety training.

Being a badged user comes with the following responsibilities:

  1. Do not allow others to use your ATAMI access badge. Your badge is issued personally to you and to you only. 
  2. When allowing facility entry and escorting visitors, ensure that they stay under your observation and that they have left the facility before or with you.
  3. If your badge is lost, notify ATAMI immediately by email to [email protected]. We will be happy to prepare a replacement. 


Access to Shared Use Tools:

* To access these resources, your computer must be connected to the internet via an OSU network.