Chemical Inventory Procedure

When planning to 1) bring new chemicals into ATAMI, i.e., chemicals not already listed in your inventory, or 2) increase the amount in your inventory, follow this sequence of actions:

  1. Complete a Chemical Inventory Form (*.docx for download) for the new chemicals.  A copy of the form is also located your SDS folder on BOX.

  2. Obtain electronic copies of the new chemical SDSs.

  3. Submit the Chemical Inventory Form and SDSs via email to:

  1. Save the Chemical Inventory Form and the electronic SDSs in your lab’s SDS folder on BOX.

  2. Print out paper copies of the SDSs and add them to your lab’s SDS binder.

  3. Proceed with ordering your chemicals.

  4. EHS will reply if specific restrictions or instructions on handling or disposal are necessary.

  5. Add the chemicals to your OSU Online Chemical Inventory upon receipt.


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