Corvallis is a small town—est. 2020 pop. 59,730—yet has for years ranked in the Top 10 U.S. cities in so many bests-per-capita stats: most new patents, most educated, most fit, most business-friendly, greenest, best place to retire, etc. You get the idea.

Oregon State University is a prime contributor to that vibrancy, with a world-class faculty and a 2021 student enrollment exceeding 30,000. In fact, OSU's FY19 $439M in sponsored research awards accounts for more research funding than all the state's comprehensive public universities combined.

Access to OSU’s top-flight tech and engineering capabilities and expertise, as well as to a highly educated work force, make Corvallis an especially attractive venue for small to mid-size and for both internationally marketed and rooted companies.

The Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute, itself head-quartered at ATAMI, has been a key force in bringing promising Oregon-born-and-bred technologies to market. OSU’s Advantage Accelerator has likewise contributed to the area’s already dynamic startup culture, having provided mentoring and other support to more than 100 locally launched companies since just 2013.

There's no shortage of local forward-looking established and nascent engineering and tech innovators—Hewlett Packard Inc, Jacobs, Korvis Automation, ATS Systems, NuScale, Shoei Electronic Materials, to name just a few, are all either within the city limits or a short drive beyond.

ATAMI aspires to be OSU’s premier R&D institute for high impact technology and manufacturing development and to drive economic development in Oregon and beyond.

Corvallis is rich terrain for high tech. Thinking big is in the air.