NOTE: You must be a badged facility user. For information about becoming a badged facility user, go to ATAMI User Resources. For more information about any of the capabilities listed below, check out the online ATAMI Capabilities database.

Please contact the point person below to schedule training on the tools that you will require access to.
After your trainer has certified your proficiency in safely operating a given tool alone, you may begin reserving and using the tool. Logging your tool usage is mandatory.
Please feel free to ask questions at any step along the way.


Training Staff

Jo Bergevin (currently not available)  

  • M2000 Ellipsometer 
  • nScrypt 3Dn Printer

Randy Greb

  • Cressington Sputter Coater 
  • Hitachi SEM
  • Instron Mechanical Tester
  • Jandel Multi-Height RM3000
  • KLA-Tencor Alpha-Step D600
  • KLA Filmetrics F20EX
  • Optical Microscopes
  • ZeScope Profilometer

Michael Callaway

  • Haas CNC
  • Jenoptik Nanoimprinter
  • Lathe
  • LPKF Microline Laser Cutter
  • LPKF Protomat
  • Metallography Station
  • Manual Mill
  • Meltio M450
  • Other Machine Tools

Neill Thornton

  • AJA Sputter Tool
  • CamCo Brazing Furnace
  • OAI Align/Expose, Photolithography Cell
  • Rofin Laser Welder/Cutter
  • Vacuum Hot Press
  • Veeco ALD

Nick Wannenmacher

  • Asymtek Dispense
  • Carver Press
  • CM Tube Furnace
  • Gas Chromatograph
  • Micrometrics Accupyc II 1340 Density Analyzer

For assistance with ATAMI resources not listed above, please consult Randy Greb or Todd Miller.