Building 11 on Hewlett Packard's Corvallis campus is OSU's Advanced Technology and Manufacturing Institute. ATAMI's 80,000 ft2 advanced materials and advanced manufacturing and processes facility is a dynamic and highly collaborative environment currently* home to:

Room for (27,000 ft2) More
This is an exciting time at ATAMI, as a major construction project gets underway. By fall 2018, OSU’s investment in the expansion of ATAMI will open up nearly 6,000 ft2 in new finished lab space for commercial lease by new industry partners, close to 8,000 ft2 in new space for faculty in the College of Engineering's School of Mechanical, Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering and dedicated lab space for tech startups in OSU's Advantage Accelerator program.

Dr. Sam Angelos, former vice-president and general manager of Hewlett Packard's Corvallis site, directs the Institute.