ATAMI is home to the OSU Advantage Accelerator.

The mission of the Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator is to support the regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem. Our unique three-program approach is designed to assist startups in all stages of their growth. Our goal is to launch each venture with a robust and successful growth strategy.

The OSU Advantage Accelerator was created in 2013 to help develop high-growth, innovative products and services by taking companies through all phases of the startup process. We assist faculty, staff, students and the broader community to commercialize research and concepts. Our staff, mentors, and student interns work directly with innovators and entrepreneurs to explore markets, develop products, and obtain customers.

We share the greater vision of Oregon State University to create a collaborative, inclusive and caring community that strives for equity and equal opportunity in everything we do; that creates a welcoming environment and enables success for people from all walks of life; and that shares common, fundamental values grounded in justice, civility and respect while looking to our diversity as a source of enrichment and strength.

We recognize that innovation can come from anyone at anytime, so whether you feel you’ve nailed it or you just have an idea you want to test, you’ll find us open and willing to help you determine your path forward.

For more information, please visit the OSU Advantage Accelerator website.