COVID-19 Response Protocols for Entering and Working at ATAMI:

ATAMI follows the OSU Guidelines for Covid-19 Safety and Success per OSU's COVID-19 Safety and Success Policy.

ATAMI follows OSU Immunization Requirements for all OSU employees and students.

The following COVID-19 mitigation measures remain in place:

  • Face masks are required at all times within the ATAMI facility except when eating in a designated break area.
  • Health Declaration and Illness Notification: All people entering the facility must review and affirm that they are well and will comply with notification requirements if they become ill.
  • Washing hands regularly and thoroughly remains a critical COVID-19 health and safety protocol. 

ATAMI is home to OSU College of Engineering faculty labs with a focus on advanced manufacturing processes, methods and materials and to the RAPID Manufacturing Institute. 

Welcome to ATAMI Capabilties. ATAMI is faculty labs, OSU startups, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff committed to your success. This Oregon State University Shared User Facility offers direct access to tooling resources as well as consultation and expertise to carry out commissioned work. 

We collaborate with small and large companies to develop nano and microtechnology solutions, from efficient jet engines to a portable dialysis appliance. Users include biotech, semiconductor, solar, defense and advanced materials companies and universities.