At work for the public good

ATAMI's vision is to be Oregon State University's premier academic institute for high impact technology and manufacturing development and to drive economic development in Oregon through:

  • Research and technology development in new fields originating inside the university
  • Collaborative technology transfer with industry and startups
  • Effective commercialization resulting in growth and jobs

ATAMI is home to OSU College of Engineering faculty labs with a focus on advanced manufacturing processes, methods and materials and to the RAPID Manufacturing Institute. ATAMI’s capabilities enable R&D in hierarchical product and process development, advanced materials development and rapid prototyping and development of microscale devices.

ATAMI is faculty labs, OSU startups, state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff committed to your success! A major facility expansion has just begun that will add thousands of square feet of finished wet lab space. Follow along to see our progress and/or to find out if ATAMI is the springboard that can launch your technology innovation into the real world. 

We collaborate with small and large companies to develop nano and microtechnology solutions, from efficient jet engines to a portable dialysis appliance. Users include biotech, semiconductor, solar, wood products, defense and advanced materials companies and universities. We invite you to learn more about ATAMI's industry partners.