ATAMI offers direct access to shared tooling shown below, after a facility orientation and training by ATAMI staff. See Usage and Service Rates for pricing details.

ATAMI is committed to constantly improving and developing tools for safe, optimum, calibrated and reliable performance. ATAMI staff are available for training  and process development, and tool development. ATAMI staff also perform service work, from design to fabrication. Contact [email protected] for further information.

All SOP's published on this website are for use of equipment in the ATAMI facility, only.    

3D Printing

Digital Manufacturing



Analytical Equipment

Density Analyzers


Gas Chromatograph

Mass Spectrometry





  • Unitek Phasemaster 7 with Thin-line Model 80 Weld Head AC Resistance Welder


Fume Hoods

  • Room 0185C Parts Cleaning
  • Room 0185C Ovens
  • Room 1012 GC  Prep
  • Room 1090 Thin Film Processing
  • Room 1091 General Use
  • Room 1091 Solvent
  • Room 1091A HEPA

Metrology and Material Characterization

Film measurement

Material Properties


Surface Profiling


Furnaces and High Temp Processing

Rapid Temp Tube Box H2 Furnaces

  • CM Furnaces 1212 FL box furnace with hydrogen gas controller
  • CM Furnaces 1630-20-3ZHT 3Z tube furnace with hydrogen gas controller


  • Fischer Scientific Isotemp Model 281 Vacuum Oven
  • Precision Vacuum Oven Model 19
  • Thermolyne 47900 Furnace


Machining and micro-milling

  • HAAS VF-1 CNC vertical mill
  • Birmingham BP9X49 variable speed vertical mill
  • Grizzly G4002 metal lathe
  • DoALL Vertical Contour Band Saw
  • Enco Belt Sander Grinder
  • Baldor Grinder Buffer
  • ALC Abrasive Blaster
  • Clausing Drill Press
  • DoAll  flat granite block


Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab

Powder Processing

  • Hydrotron NG-DHYD1-30-5-5 downdraft table
  • Ruwac NA35-EX wet immersion vacuum
  • Branson 8800 ultrasonic bath
  • Metal Flammables Cabinets
  • Metal Powder Rated Firer Extinquishers
  • Tyvek Suites

Thin Film Processing and Patterning




Lasers, Microscopes and Cameras


Optical Microscopes

  • Amscope MU300 Digital Camera and Software
  • Leica DMR
  • Leica Wild M3Z Stereomicroscope
  • Zeiss  Axiotron




  • Isomet Low Speed Diamond Saw
  • Pace Giga 0900 Vibratory Polisher
  • Pace NANO-2000T Automated Polisher
  • Pace Pico 155 Saw
  • Pace Terapress 7001 Hot Press
  • Vari Pol VP-50 Polisher


Miscellaneous Instruments

  • Alcatel ASM180T-Autocal He Leak Detector
  • Restek 28500 Flammable Gas Detector
  • TIF 8800X Flammable Gas Detector
  • Met One Airborne Particle Counter
  • Browne and Sharp Tesa-Hite Micrometer
  • Pexto  Metal Sheet Cutter
  • Precision Granite  Flat Granite Block
  • SHOP FOX M1011 Metal Sheet Bender
  • CAD Workstation