October 19, 2020

The following table outlines PPE and social distancing protocols by activity and location within the ATAMI facility. All members of the ATAMI community, including visitors, are requested to observe these protocols diligently. Thank you for your help in keeping ATAMI a safe place to work.

Activity and Location Required PPE Social Distancing Requirements
Walking in Hallways or Public Areas (restrooms, highbay, 2nd floor) Mask On Less than 6-ft allowed if momentary (less than 1 minute) – No stopping to talk if less than 6-ft apart
Walking in Hallways drinking or eating Not Allowed Not Allowed
Sitting at Cubicle Desk working or talking to others Mask On 6-ft min
Training another individual on ATAMI tools Mask, Face Shield, Gloves, Lab Coat Less than 6-ft distancing allowed
Using ATAMI tools in shared equipment Labs 1090,1091 and 1012 Mask, Face Shield, Gloves 6-ft minimum as much as possible
Shared viewing of Computer Screen in public areas (Public Areas, 1st and 2nd floors) Mask On Less than 6-ft allowed if momentary (less than 1 minute)
Sitting at Cubicle Desk drinking or eating Mask Off for time to drink/eat 6-ft minimum – No talking to others, including phone calls
Sitting in public break areas drinking or eating Mask Off for time to drink/eat 6-ft minimum – No talking to others, including phone calls
Sitting in public areas working alone or talking to others Mask On 6-ft minimum
Sitting in conference rooms by yourself or with others Mask On 6-ft minimum
Using restroom Mask On except to wash face Less than 6-ft allowed if momentary (less than 1 minute)
Using shower/change area in East restrooms Mask OffOne user at a time More than 12-ft spacing in adjoining room

July 1, 2020

ATAMI Safety Protocol for COVID-19 (Updated to align with August 12, 2020, guidance)
This is an update to ATAMI’s safety protocol in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These protocols are based on current guidelines from the CDC and the new requirements implemented by the State of Oregon. ATAMI personnel and tenants have done an excellent job following protocols, and it is critical we continue to look out for each other’s health and safety during this pandemic crisis.

  1. All people are requested to monitor their temperature before or upon entering ATAMI. If you have a fever, report it to your manager or PI and DO NOT come in.
  2. Wearing a face mask in ATAMI is required at ALL TIMES. Specifically, wearing a face mask covering mouth and nose is required at all times in all public areas of the building including High Bay, cubicles, OSU labs, hallways and breakrooms (except when eating/drinking).
  3. Wiping down with sanitizer (provided) is required of work surfaces, equipment, key boards, etc., prior to start of work and after work is complete.
  4. Social distancing of 6 feet is required at all times.
  5. Lab access limits:
  • OSU Labs: Two people per lab bay in Lab 1040, two people in labs 1074 and 1084 and three people in the MAM lab. Maintaining social distancing of 6 feet is required.
  • Shared Labs 1090, 1091 and 1012: Face mask, face shield and gloves are required PPE. For training activities, both parties must also don lab coats. Tool/equipment sanitization and 6' social distancing is critical.
  • When a lab is closed for equipment maintenance, ATAMI staff will post signs on the door, and people are requested to stay out until work is complete.
  1. People will be allowed to use their cubicle work stations, but only one person per cubicle will be allowed. Many cubicles have four work stations, but the limit will be one person per cube. It is expected people will do the bulk of their computing calculations and writing at their home.

ATAMI is committed to a safe and healthy work environment for all people working in the building. These protocols are in place to ensure that we all work together to achieve that goal. We expect all people to lead and manage their behavior and actions according to the ATAMI guidelines. Everyone is required to work with ATAMI personnel to make the environment safe, and we welcome feedback and inputs on how to make the process better.

Thank you for your cooperation and diligence,
The ATAMI Team