June 18

Please see the diagram at right for a construction-related closure within the building. This closure affects egress routes. The closure, shown in red, affects the east-west and the north-south aisles around the NE corner of the west labs. Please take a moment to orient yourself in relation to the closure, especially if your work location is nearby, and identify your nearest exit route. We’ll let you know when this corridor is open for business again.


April 19

Next Tuesday, April 24, the north exterior walkway closest to the building will be closed to all foot traffic for tree removal. If you park in the northeast lot, please use the paths that run through the center or along the north side of the greenspace to get to the east door into B10. Related to this instance—though universally applicable—Andersen, the construction project lead contractor, has asked that we pass along the following words of caution:

Paying attention to where equipment may be moving to/from is imperative. If someone has to cross a barrier of any sorts, they should stop, and look for an alternate path or try to get the attention of someone working within the area and request for access to cross.


March 30

Notice of Chilled Water Shutdown—Tuesday, April 3


March 29 

We are excited to see the progress that has been made with the buildout so far! The highbay already looks dramatically different. Walls have been put into place for the outermost lab spaces, with the metal framing being installed for the innermost labs on the NE side of the building. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing installation is underway! Each day we are one step closer to finally enjoying our beautiful new space!


March 7

Notice of Exhaust System Shutdown—Friday, Saturday and Sunday, March 16, 17 and 18

To enable the installation of new HVAC controls, all exhaust systems will be off-line from Friday morning through Sunday evening, March 16 - 18. The shutdown will affect all fume hoods in the facility. Please plan ahead to complete hood activity/processes by the evening of Thursday, March 15.

Notice of Potable Water and Process Water and Gases Shutdown—Saturday and Sunday, March 17 and 18

Tie-ins between existing and new systems require a full shutdown of all water and plumbed gas systems over the weekend of March 17 – 18. Please plan ahead to shut down any tooling that uses process cooling water and/or gases by the evening of Friday, March 16. Tap water will also be off all weekend, affecting all sinks, showers and toilets.


March 2

Notification about Anticipated Freight Deliveries—As you know, construction zone restrictions include the loading dock area, but project managers understand that residents will continue to receive shipments and are eager to accommodate. Having said that, they have asked us for prior notice so that they can plan activity around the need for delivery access. Therefore, please email me with the date and approximate time (if known) of anticipated freight deliveries to ensure we keep up good communication and coordination with Andersen.

March 2 through Tuesday, March 6

The aisle immediately west of the east restrooms and the Mechanical Room (Room 1069) is not passable while overhead duct work takes place between today and next Tuesday, March 6, or if work takes longer than expected, until exclusion tape is removed. The east restrooms are also not accessible during this time.

More generally, project managers today related serious concerns that areas sealed off by CAUTION and DANGER tape and/or by fencing are still being accessed. Please respect their assessment of potential hazards. If an area is taped or fenced off, DO NOT ENTER. There are no exceptions, even for those to whom the regular rules often do not apply.


Week of January 29

Now that overhead construction has begun in the highbay, please take note of major new safety requirements and area restrictions:

1. Safety glasses with side shields are mandatory at all times anywhere in the highbay. There is a supply on top of the orange cabinet located just north of the Fab. 

2. Access changes/restrictions

a. All highbay foot traffic is confined to the bays north of the Fab and the adjacent aisle to the north (whose west point begins at rear door of Lab 1012). Access north of this area is not permitted. Access to the loading dock area is permitted as required only to retrieve freight deliveries. Please observe the yellow caution tape that is already in place. Tenants in Labs 1018 and 1014 should use their back doors as emergency exits only.

b. The only route to the NW doors (B10 to cafeteria, parking lot) is the corridor between the west offices and west labs. 


Week of January 22

The North end of all bays in Building 11 must have all items moved to the South end of the bay, leaving the North half clear for overhead construction which requires clear access, and will include welding and grinding more than 20 feet above the work areas. Anything that is left behind will be disposed of through the OSU Surplus group. We need all items moved by Friday, February 2.

The South part of the open bays can be used for storage, but during construction nobody will be allowed in.


Week of January 22

As of Wednesday, January 24, the NE and EAST mandoors will be restricted to use by construction personnel. With the pace of work in the highbay increasing, construction traffic will start to ramp up considerably, so this change is made out of concern for safety and ease of operations.

How will I get in??

ATAMI is accessible from the P1 lot by entering B10 at the double doors, then walking south through the B10 interior corridor until you get to the B11 doors. The badge reader is to the right of the door.

How will I get out??

Please use the same route to exit.

See map at right for the various routes to the B10 double doors from the P1 lot. Remember too that parking in the P2 lot is also an option.


Week of January 15
Concrete saw cutting will take place in the highbay on Monday and possibly further into the week.
Monday is an official OSU holiday, but some tenant employees and grad students may be in the facility. Here’s the thing about saw-cutting: it is loud! On a positive note, this will be wet cutting, so dust will not be generated.
Folks whose work areas are in the highbay will obviously hear the machinery most directly--I will get with you re ear protection.
Folks in the first floor labs and offices and on the second floor, you will hear the sawing, and it will be for the most part tolerably annoying or annoyingly tolerable. We will have earplugs available at various places:

  • Top of mail boxes in the lobby
  • Counter area east of the kitchen
  • Window sill by coffee area on 2nd floor


Week of January 8
Construction activities in the ATAMI highbay on Monday, Jan 8, will involve removal of the plate glass windows along the north wall. Contractors will install secure and made-to-fit boards to cover the openings.


Week of December 11
Immediate changes to parking availability in the east (rear) parking lot:

  • Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, December 12:  East lot will begin to be used to deliver and stage construction materials. If you have been a traditional east lot parker, you can reduce congestion and risk of damage to your vehicle (and self!) by, starting tomorrow, parking in one of the other approved lots. Building access via the east mandoor is not adviseable.
  • Starting January 2:  East lot will be closed for ATAMI parking and dedicated to contractors and freight and construction deliveries.

Alternate parking options are the NE lot and the lot south of Building 10. See PI and P2, respectively, on the map below. Building access from the NE lot is also shown. Please remember that the lot in front (immediately west) of ATAMI is visitor parking for B10 and B11.

Interior fencing will enclose the initial construction phase area
 Around mid-week, fencing will be erected in the highbay to protect facility residents and users from construction activity. Building access at the NE mandoor will not be affected. As work progresses, access via the NE mandoor may become a hazard, at which point, folks parking in the NE lot, will be able to access the building at the NW mandoor (first entering B10 as shown on the map). We will keep you informed!