Photolithography for a R&D in a desktop platform.   This system enables researchers to print features on substrates as large as 200mm, with feature sizes below 5 microns.   A variety of UV sources, resists and mask options are available.


  • Patterning on Si wafers using SU8 or resist.
  • Patterning on other flat surfaces such as metal shims.

Specifications and Features

  • Pattern on substrates up to 6" diameter wafers or even 6"x6" square substrates.
  • Mask sizes from 2"x2" to 7"x7".
  • Capable of resolution of 1 micron structures with overlay accuracy of 0.2 microns.
  • Capable of handling sources ranging form 200 to 2000 watts, at 220 to 436 nm.  Areas from 1" to 6" may be uniformly exposed.
  • Dual-sensor, optical feedback to provides exposure intensity within +/- 2% of the desired intensity.


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