Atami is actively developing  thin film processing capability to support university research and development of new materials and products.  Much of the thin film equipment is used by tenants to support process and production R&D.  The new ALD capability will open up new opportunities for film coating and particle research.

Aja Sputter System

A powerful, flexible sputter system that can deposit a wide variety of films with flexible process conditions.  Deposit on substrates up to 6 inches using both DC and RF power configurations.  They system has recently been upgraded to include a Stanford Research Systems RGA for process development and exhaust gas characterization.


OAI 206i Mask Aligner

A cost-effective, high performance contact  aligner capable of sub 5 micron freature size printing.  A variety of UV light sources, intensity control, a fine alignment control with micrometers for X, Y and Z enable prnting of fine features for MEMs and other micro-device printing.


Veeco Savannah S200 Atomic Layer Deposition 

A high performance research system for depositing thin, conformal films on substrates with aspect ratios greather than 2000:1.    A wide variety of gas, liquid or solid pre-cursors and associated standard recipes are available for a wide variety of film types.  This system also has the particle deposition, which can be used to deposit thin films on particles down to sub-100 micron size distributions.

Cressington 108 Auto/SE SEM sample coater

A Au/Pd sputter coater used primarily for sample prep.  Capable of very thin coating for charge reduction during SEM imaging.  A rotary/tilt stage is also available for coating unusual shapes and high aspect ratio parts.