• Profiling -   Measure 2D and 3D step heights.
  • Texture - The Alpha-Step D-600 measures 2D and 3D texture, quantifying the sample's roughness and waviness.
  • Form - Measurement of wafer bow and quantifcation of the height and radius of curvature of structures, such as a lens.
  • Stress - The bow of the sample is accurately measured using a stress chuck to support the sample in a neutral position. The change in shape from a process such as film deposition is then used to calculate the stress by applying Stoney's equation.

Specifications and Features

  • Step Height: 1nm to 1200µm
  • Low Force: 0.03 to 15mg
  • Stylus tips: 2um radius, 60 deg IA standard, smaller available
  • Software to create 3D surface profiles from multiple scans
  • Ability to stitch scans together
  • Video: 5MP high-resolution color camera
  • Film stress capability for wafers from 50 to 200mm diameter