• Tensile and compression testing
  • Sear, flexure, peel, tear, cyclic and bend tests
  • Commonly used for platics, metals, rubber materials, automotive components, composities, and non-ambient temperature applications
  • Customized testing with applied DC voltage, heat and temperature

Specifications and Features

  • 30kN and 50N capacity load cells at ATAMI
  • Up to 50kN capacity (available from supplier and other research groups at ATAMI)
  • A variety of custom load cells, grips, fictures and attachments
  • 1212mm (47.7 in) vertical test space
  • Speed range of 0.001-3000 mm/min
  • Load Measurement accuracy: +/- 0.5% of reading down to 1/1000 of load cell capacity option (2580 series load cells)
  • Compatible with Bluehill Software
  • Automatic transducer recognititon for load cells and extensometers