• Optical spectroscopy for a wide variety of samples
  • Color measurements
  • Chemical components analysis
  • Liquids and solids
  • Irradiance and absorbance chemistry

Specifications and Features

  • AvaLight-DH-S Deuterium-Halogen light source with 215-1700nm wavelength range
  • AvaSpec-3648-UA-25-AF UV/VIS spectrometer with 3648 pixell CCD camera
  • 1.4nm resolution, 350 and 590 nm longpass filters
  • Grating UA, 25um slit, DUV coating
  • TTL shutter, SR fibers, Cuvette holder with 10mm path,
  • Rectangular, black, self-masking flow cell
  • Avasoft 8 software


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