Atami metology systems range from simple optical microscopes to sophisticated electron microscopes and materials characterization tools. 

Hitachi SEM/EDX

Fast sample changes, a simple intuitive user interface and EDX make this system a powerful tool for low cost, efficient characterization of your samples.   High resolution imaging with excellent depth of field make scanning electron microscopy an ideal tool for characterizing surfaces of materials and objects.   Energy Dispersive X-ray analysis provides quantitative and qualitative analysis for elemental data.

Instron 5969 Tensile Strength Tester

Collect tensile and comprehensive stress and strain data on a wide variety of samples.  Several load cells and sample holders provide flexibility for different samples.  The Instron Bluetooth software is used to write recipes, run tests, and collect and analyze data.


KLA Alpha-Step D-600

Measure 2D and 3D step heights from a few nanometers to 1200 microns.  Measure roughness, wafer bow and stress, and extended length features.  The motorized wafer stage supports wafers up to 200mm, as well as small samples such as glass slides.


Avantes UV-VIS spectrometer

Measure optical absorption and reflection of UV and visible light.  A wide source wavelength range (190-1500nm), high pefromance detector and quartz sample holders are available.  This system uses the Avantes AvaLight-DHS Dueterium Halogen Light Sources and AvaSpec-USL3648 spectrometer.

J.A. Woollam M-2000 Ellipsometer

Collect film thickness and optical properties using polarized light reflected from optical coatings, semiconductor materials and other surfaces.  A wide range of wavelengths, polarizar configurations and spot sizes are availables.   The motorized stage can handle up to 200mm diameter wafers.


Zygo Zescope

This 3D, non-contact optical profiler gives nm resolution images and statistics from reflective surfaces. ZeScope features a large Z-direction travel range in the optical head of 180 mm, and 200 x 200 mm XY stage travel for flexible use with a variety of test objects.  Multiple images can be stitched together to cover large sample surfaces.

Jandel 4-pt Probe

Th multi height probe combined with the RM3000 test unit enables resistivity measurements form a large variety of sample sizes.   The sheet resistance range of teh test unit s 1 milliohm-per-square to 5 x 10^8 ohms-per-square, with 0.3% accuracy.   Bulk volume resisitivity is up to 1 X 10^6 ohms-per-square.   The control unit displays a variety of units and includes fixed input current as well as auto-ranging.

Filmetrics F20-EXR

Collect film thickness and properties with a simple, well calibrated interface.  Film stack models can also be developed and used for monitoring.  Film thickness range is 15nm to 250um, and wavelength range is 380-1700n.