Atami supports a variety of furnaces for material processing and conditioning.   The CM tube furnaces enable sintering processes up to 1700 C.   The Camco brazing furnace provides vacuum conditioning for materials up to 1200 C at high vacuum.  Three small furnaces are available for small parts heating and drying.

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Fischer Scientific Isotemp Model 281 Vacuum Oven

An easy to use, small box vacuum furnace with temperature capability up to 280°C and vacuum to 30 in Hg.  Volume capacity is 0.65 cu. ft (0.02 m2).  Full view window.  Vacuum is supplied by ATAMI house vacuum system.

CM Furnaces 1212 FL box furnace

A high temperature box furnace that has H2 gas capability.  Programmable temperature profiles up to 1200°C.  N2 and controlled use of H2/Ar mixtures for reducing environment are available.

CamcCo JVAC-12-1824 Brazing Furnace

A large build chamber, excellent vacuum and flexible ramp recipes make this a powerful tool for brazing steels and Ni based alloys.  It is also useful for heat conditioning at vacuum conditions up to 1200°C.  Heating in a water vapor (bubbler) environment and Ar environment is also available.

Thermolyne 47900 Furnace

A general purpose laboratory and heat treating furnace.  Up to 1000°C in a 5 x 4 x 6 inch chamber.

CM Furnaces 1630-20-3ZHT Tube Furnace

A 24 inch long 3-zone H2 tube furnace that can ramp to 1700°C.  Heating profile recipes and various gases are available.  N2 and controlled use of H2/Ar mixtures for reducing environment are available.

Precision Vacuum Oven Model 19

A small box oven for heating and drying samples.  Up to 30 in. Hg (ATAMI house vacuum) and temperatures 35-200°C.