Atami has several shared fume hoods installed for researchers, tenants and outside customer use.

All users of fume hoods at Atami must follow OSU specified safety procedures. 

0185C Parts Cleaning

Used for general parts cleaning.   It is in the high bay part of Atami and is immediately adjacent to the hood that encloses the small ovens.

1091 Solvent

Used for solvent transfer, cleaning and disposal.

0185C Ovens

A stainless steel hoods that contains 3 small ovens.  Used for baking and vacuum/heat treatment of parts.

1091 General Use

Used for various experiments and research experiments.

1091A HEPA

This fume hood has exhaust and a HEPA filter air supply for use with aligners and other device processing applications that require semi-clean air.

1090 Thin Film Processing

Used for thin film processing - etching and cleaning.

1012 GC Prep

Used for Gas Chromatograph and DSC/TGA sample prep.