Atami has an infrastructure of furnaces, presses and welding capability to bond materials together.  The Camco is a highly capable brazing furnace and the Vertical Hot Press is capable of high temperature and high pressure compression at vacuum. 

CamcCo JVAC-12-1824 Brazing Furnace

A large build chamber, excellent vacuum and flexible ramp recipes make this a powerful tool for brazing steels and Ni based alloys.  It is also useful for heat conditioning at vacuum up to 1200 C.   Heating in a water vapor (bubbler) environment and Ar environment is also available.  Use the link to access the tool details and SOP.

Carver Hot Press

A manual hydraulic press with two 6 X 6 in. aluminum heated plates and associated temperature controllers.

Unitek Phasemaster 7 Resistance Welder

This resistance welder has a thin-line model 80, precision, low inertia, force-fired weld head with a narrow vertical profile.

Thermal Technology HP30-4560 Vacuum Hot Press

A powerful press capable of high pressure, high temperature up to 1150°C at vacuum, in a 3 inch diameter working envelope.  Ideal for diffusion bonding materials in a compressed, heated, and high vacuum environment.


Branson 901 Ultrasonic Welder

This ultrasonic welder has been used to bond polymers at low temperature.  It has been used historically for bonding cover plates on micro-channel patterned substrates in materials such as PMMA, PEEK and PC (polycarbonate).  New recipes for the controller will have to be developed for current work.

Nordson Asymtek D583 Dispensemate Fluid Dispenser

Used for dispnsing fluids, inks and adhesives in precise patterns, this system includes a 325 X 325  mm positioning stage, drop on demand dispense head and DV-8000 Heli-Flow auger valve dispense head.