ATAMI industry tenants are a diverse range companies from:

  • Small, medium, and large high growth companies working with OSU researchers to
  • New companies who have received gap funding, university venture development funding, and graduates of the OSU Advantage Accelerator programs to
  • Startup companies without a current OSU partnership but aligned with Oregon’s growth industries.

OSU's Advantage Accelerator and the Oregon Nanoscience and Microtechnologies Institute are also co-housed at ATAMI.

As electronics become ever smaller, current technology is unable to exploit high resolution imaging enabled by extreme ultraviolet lithography. Inpria's OSU-licensed photoresist platform is purpose-built and optimized specifically for EUVL technology. Tenant since 2016.

Valliscor is a chemical manufacturer licensing OSU technology to provide solutions to access fluorinated building blocks and enantiomerically enriched scaffolds for the pharmaceutical, agricultural, polymer and electronics industries. Tenant since 2013. 

The advantages of flow batteries are offset by the downside of current approaches that are vulnerable to oxidation. With OSU-licensed technology, eChemion overcomes this problem by optimizing the graphite materials used in the reactor core. Tenant since 2015.

Thailand’s PTT PCL is a fully integrated gas and oil company and Fortune Global 500 member. The lab at ATAMI is PTT’s first and only footprint in the United States. Licensing OSU technology, PTT sponsors research in microscale-based technology for synthesis of liquid hydrocarbons from natural gas. Tenant since 2013.

Crown’s proprietary Electrokinetic (EK) Film technology revolutionizes “smart” glass available in a wide variety of colors. It can be manufactured in the form of a film and used in retrofit applications and has very low power consumption. Tenant since 2016.

Amorphyx is focused on a new generation of high-speed flexible electronics. Our Amorphous Metal Nonlinear Resistor (AMNR) device, subpixel circuit, and PECVD-based manufacturing process simplifies backplane processing and reduces display complexity and cost. Tenant since 2018.

Microflow designs and manufactures microfluidic devices using OSU-licensed technology. We specialize in custom devices as well as offer standard products ideal for application development, including mixers, reactors, emulsifiers and heat exchangers. Tenant since 2012.

Voxtel's additive manufacturing engineering group is developing multi-materials and optical inkjet-print manufacturing process equipment. By blending academic and industrial perspectives, Voxtel is helping to solder the bond between fundamental and applied research. Tenant since 2014.

Gadusol Laboratories is using synthetic biology technology to produce natural sunscreen compounds found in marine life. These compounds are sustainably sourced, environmentally safe, provide supplemental skin/health benefits, and offer protection against both UV-A and UV-B rays. Tenant since 2019. 

OSU's Advantage Accelerator supports the regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship ecosystem. A three-program approach is designed to assist startups in all stages of growth intended to launch each venture with a robust and successful growth strategy. 

Atlas Energy Systems is leveraging modern materials science, new plasma physics simulations, and advanced manufacturing techniques to develop a thermionic converter that is compact in size with a high-power density and no-moving-parts operation. Tenant since 2020.

Skip Technology is developing a novel flow battery for storing large quantities of electricity. Initial generations of the battery will fit into a standard cargo container and can be used individually or chained together to fit the customer's storage needs. Tenant since 2020.

ONAMI is dedicated to commercializing scientific research into successful new Oregon companies. ONAMI currently focuses on starting companies from the earliest stages, providing executive leadership, market research, team building, financial planning and investment raising. Tenant since 2008.