ATAMI COVID-19 Containment and Mitigation Response
Tool training is suspended until further notice pending new guidance from OSU, CDC and national/state/local government.

ATAMI is an Oregon State University Shared User Facility offering DIY access as well as consultation and expertise to carry out commissioned work. The Institute's specialized fabrication capabilities are particularly suited to:

  • Hierarchical product and process development for nanomaterial synthesis, functionalization and assembly and arrayed microfluidic applications
  • Advanced materials development and pilot production
  • Capabilities for patterning, bonding and applying surface treatments to polymer and metal constructions
  • Rapid prototyping and development of microscale devices

Academic and Industry Users
ATAMI offers users direct access to shared tooling, after a facility orientation and training by ATAMI staff. See Usage and Service Rates for pricing details.

Technical Services:
ATAMI staff have expertise and long experience with all ATAMI capabilities and provide services from design to fabrication and from basic to highly complex. Contact Associate Director Todd Miller to discuss your project and how we can assist.

Description Capability Make/Model
3D Optical Profiler Metrology ZeScope
4 Point Probe Characterization Jandel Multi-height RM3000
Bench top press Bonding/Process Carver
Brazing furnace Bonding/Process CamCO Jvac-12-1824
Circuit Board Plotter/2.5d MicroMilling Center Other LPKF Protomat S-103
CM Tube Furnace Bonding/Process
Desktop SEM with EDX Characterization Hitachi TM4000
Dispensing tool Bonding/Process Asymtek D-583 DispenseMate
DSC/TGA Characterization TA Instruments TGA Q600
Ellipsometer Characterization J.A. Woollam M-2000