TitleGlobal tool-path smoothing for CNC machine tools with uninterrupted acceleration
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsTajima, S, Sencer, B
JournalInternational Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture

Majority of tool-paths for high-speed machining is composed of series of short linear segments, so-called G01 moves. This discrete tool-path format limits the achievable speed and accuracy of CNC machines. To generate continuous feed motion along sharp cornered tool-paths, most NC systems smooth corners locally using a pre-specified curve or a spline and slow down to be able to change the feed direction within machine kinematic limits. Path speed is dramatically reduced for accuracy if sharp corners are within close vicinity. This paper proposes a new real-time interpolation algorithm for NC systems to generate continuous rapid feed motion along short segmented linear tool-paths by smoothing local and adjacent corners that are within close vicinity. Instead of locally modifying the corner geometry with a spline, the proposed algorithm directly blends axis velocities between consecutive linear segments based on the jerk limited acceleration profile (JLAP) and generates cornering trajectories within user-specified contour errors and kinematic limits of the drives. A novel Look-Ahead Windowing (LAW) technique is developed to plan tangential feed profile with uninterrupted acceleration to continuously smooth the path. The feed profile is optimized to generate rapid motion along overlapping adjacent corners. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate effectiveness of the proposed method to interpolate accurate Cartesian high-speed motion along short-segmented tool-paths for machining free-form surfaces found in dies, molds and aerospace parts.