TitleThe effects of dynamic evolution of microstructure on machining forces
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPan, Z, Tabei, A, Shih, DS, Garmestani, H, Liang, SY
JournalProceedings of the institution of mechanical engineers, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture

A material microstructure-mechanics-affected machining scheme is proposed to account for the influence of material microstructural evolution on cutting mechanics. Explicit calculation of material microstructural evolution path is provided. To blend the material microstructure states into the thermo-mechanical coupling process, the material microstructure terms are introduced into the traditional Johnson–Cook model. As an application, the machining forces and average grain size are predicted in the orthogonal turning of titanium alloys. This method provides a more comprehensive way to explore microstructure-thermo-mechanical coupling in the machining process.