TitleEffects of atomizing media and post processing on mechanical properties of 17-4 PH stainless steel manufactured via selective laser melting
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsPasebani, S, Ghayoor, M, Badwe, S, Irrinki, H, Atre, SV
JournalAdditive Manufacturing
Keywords17-4 Ph Stainless Steel, Feedstock Powder, Selective Laser Melting, Solutionizing, Water Atomized Powder

Water-atomized and gas-atomized 17-4 PH stainless steel powder were used as feedstock in selective laser melting process. Gas atomized powder revealed single martensitic phase after printing and heat treatment independent of energy density. As-printed water atomized powder contained dual martensitic and austenitic phase regardless of energy density. The H900 heat treatment cycle was not effective in enhancing mechanical properties of the water-atomized powder after laser melting. However, after solutionizing at 1315ºC and aging at 482 °C fully martensitic structure was observed with hardness (40.2 HRC), yield strength (1000 MPa) and ultimate tensile strength (1261 MPa) comparable to those of gas atomized (42.7 HRC, 1254 MPa and 1300 MPa) and wrought alloy (39 HRC, 1170 MPa and 1310 MPa), respectively. Improved mechanical properties in water-atomized powder was found to be related to presence of finer martensite and higher volume fraction of fine Cu-enriched precipitates. Our results imply that water-atomized powder is a promising cheaper feedstock alternative to gas-atomized powder.