This is a highly efficient SEM that has a simple, easy user interface.  Samples can be quickly and easily exhanged through the chamber door.   The Bruker EDX system is a powerful analytical tool, used for qauntitative and qualitative elemental analysis.  A Cressington Au/Pd coater is available in the lab for coating charging samples.


  • Capability: SEM-EDX
  • Characterization of parts and materials in process at ATAMI.
  • Low cost, efficient SEM/EDX for internal and external customers.
  • High resolution surface imaging.
  • Elemental analysis.
  • Surface roughness mapping and analysis.

Specifications and Features

  • Make/model: Hitachi TM-4000
  • SE and BSE imaging with  10-50k X magnification.
  • 5, 10, 15 kV accelerating voltages.
  • Low vacuum mode for charging samples.
  • Sample size up to 80mm in diameter and 50mm height.
  • 40 x 35 mm XY stage travel.
  • Tilt holders available.
  • Simple windows PC user interface.