Atami has a full set of metallography tools available for materials sample prep.   The bonder and automated polisher work well together to create flat, polished samples for analtyical work.   The vibratory polisher can be used to create highly polished surfaces for EBSD analysis.   A manual polisher and saws are available for custom sample preparation.

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Pace PICO155 precision cutter

Blades of various sizes and cutting capabilities, water based cutting fluid, automated shutoff, a wide variety of sample holders and a weights for controlling pressure.

Isomet low speed diamond saw

This saw has varying speeds, 3 inch diamond blade, an oil-based lubricant tray and auto-stop.   A variety of sample holders are available.



Pace TP-7001 Hot mounting press

Prepare metallography samples with a variety of molding resins.   Automated processing with recipes for pressure, temperature and cooling rate.

Pace Nano 2000T grinder–polisher

Controlled coarse and fine polishing of up to 6 samples, with recipes for pressure and speed.

Pace GIGA – 0900 vibratory polisher

Ultra-fine surface finishing.  Primarily for EBSD sample prep.

Leco VARI/POL VP-50 polisher

Manual polishing, coarse cleaning, sample preparation.