The Metal Additive Manufacturing Lab is set up to support non-reactive metal powder processing and 3D metal printing.   The facility is focussed on safe handling of materials using systems such as the Ruwac wet vacuum, downdraft table and PAPR and Tyvek PPE for handling powders. Several 3D metal printers are also installed in the lab.  Metal carts and various supplies are set up for transporting and cleaning 3D printed metal parts.  This lab requires specific training before access is approved.  See the SOP below for instructions on training and access.



Branson 8800 Ultrasonic Bath

This bath is available for cleaning powder from 3D printed parts.  Cleaning in water and IPA is effective for LBPF and sintered parts.

Metal Flammables Cabinets

These cabinets are available for storing powders.

Hydrotron NG-DHYD1-30-5-5 Downdraft Table

This system uses a strong airflow and water bath to capture powder from cleaning and processing parts.  It should be used for all parts cleaning to prevent powder contamination to other areas of the room.  The hood area contains a shaker for sieving powders.  Air and water guns for cleaning parts are available.  Proper PPE must be used for all parts cleaning and powder handling.


Metal Powder Rated Class D Fire Extinquishers
Restek 28500 Flammable Gas Detector

Ideal for leak checking gas lines and fittings.

Ruwac NA35-EX wet immersion vacuum

This vacuum is specifically built for powder applications.  It uses water bubbling to trap metal particles and should be used for all parts and tool cleaning in the lab.

Tyvek Suites

Tyvek suites and 3M Versaflo PAPR's are available for all activities that require handling of open powder.