The ATAMI facility contains a wide variety of lasers, optical microscopes and cameras for cutting, welding and material characterization.   In addition, several other tools (3D Systems DMP300 and nScrypt 3dN tabletop) have high performance lasers for material processing and conditioning.  

Vision Research MIRO4 high speed camera

This high speed camera.....

Zeiss Axiotron

The Axiotron is an outstanding microscope previously used in high volume semiconductor manufacturing factories.   Very bright images, excellent control of depth of focus and adjustable apertures facilitate a wide mix of images that can be captured by the Amscope camera.


Amscope MU300 Cameras and Software

The Amscope MU300 cameras are used to capture digital images from all three optical microscopes.   The powerful software can be used for dimensional measurement, image stitching and image processing. 

LPKF MicroLine 2820P UV Laser

This high performance 353nm UV laser can cut metal shims with a kerf as small as 30 um.  It can also be used to process PCB materials.  It is primarily used at Atami for cutting materials.   Custom recipes can be developed for the materials you are interested in cutting.


Leica DMR

The Leica DMR is a high performance, reflected light optical microscope with both Hg-arc and halogen lamp sources.   Lenses from 5x to 50x with brightfield and darkfield imaging.   In development is uses of appropriate filter blocks for epi-fluourescence imaging.   This is a powerful analytical technique to identify various organic materials.


Leica Wild M3Z Stereomicroscope

An incredibly useful tool for quickly checking parts quality, with stereo imaging through the eypieces, and the abiity to capture 2D images with Amscope camera.  Light sources include a ring light for top lighting and a fiber-optic illuminator for custom and darkfield imaging.