Coming soon, after Covid-19 restrictions are removed! - The nScrypt system will open up new research opportunties for printing custom-designed devices such as MEM's, RF antennas, bio-sensors and objects combining polymer and paste materials.   The system includes a filament extruder, paste micro-dispenser, 343nm UV laser, optical imaging systems and keyence sensor for 3D mapping and control.   Thousands of paste materials are available, and standard 3D printing filaments are used.


  • Printing prototype MEMs devices in 3 dimensions
  • Printing custom materials mixes.
  • Electronic device prototyping
  • UV laser processing

Specifications and Features

  • 300x150x100mm XYZ build space
  • Precision Micro-dispensing and Direct Digital Manufacturing
  • Precision micro-dispenser gizmo  - pastes with thousands of materials options – conductive, polymers, biological,…
  • Precision extruder gizmo  - standard 3D printing filament
  • Femto-second 343 nM, focused UV laser for trimming and conditioning.
  • Keyence sensor for  3D mapping and Z feedback control
  • Vacuum and heated chucks
  • Real-time imaging system
  • Interconnection features potentially </= 20 microns

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