The nScrypt system for OSU research in printing custom-designed devices such as MEM's, RF antennas, bio-sensors and objects combining polymer and paste materials.   The system includes a filament extruder, paste micro-dispenser, 343nm UV laser, optical imaging systems and Keyence sensor for 3D mapping and control.   Thousands of paste materials are available, and standard 3D printing filaments are used.  it is not currently available for service work, but Tenant users and local users can be trained.


  • Printing prototype MEMs devices in 3 dimensions
  • Printing custom materials mixes.
  • Electronic device prototyping
  • UV laser processing

Specifications and Features

  • 300x150x100mm XYZ build space
  • Precision Micro-dispensing and Direct Digital Manufacturing
  • Precision micro-dispenser gizmo  - pastes with thousands of materials options – conductive, polymers, biological,…
  • Precision extruder gizmo  - standard 3D printing filament
  • Femto-second 343 nM, focused UV laser for trimming and conditioning.
  • Keyence sensor for  3D mapping and Z feedback control
  • Vacuum and heated chucks
  • Real-time imaging system
  • Interconnection features potentially </= 20 microns

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